ApolloCon is Houston's general Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror con since 2004. ApolloCon is an annual conference with well over 100 hours of speakers, panels, discussions, readings and talks, demonstrations and workshops with an educational informative purpose. In addition to program items, there are supporting publications and static exhibits, including exhibition of Science Fiction and Fantasy art. Program topics included Science Fiction, Fantasy, Dark Fantasy and Horror in various forms: literature, media, visual art, comics, music, games, performance, and the spoken word. We explore the culture of the Science Fiction community, related scholarly and critical fields, and the sciences and technology that inform us and interest us. We examine the overall tapestry of our field, and the threads of our beloved genres in the fandoms of others, striving to present a range of activities and a spectrum of ideas, showcasing diverse viewpoints. Speakers and participants include writers, artists and musicians, scientists, technologists, gamers, readers, performers, editors, agents, conrunners, hobbyists, collectors, and well-spoken fans.

Art Shows

Friends of Fandom does a couple of art shows each year.

The RevelCon Art Show is currently Houston's oldest Science Fiction art show. Held every year in March, we have been involved with Revel Con'
s art show for most of RevelCon's existence.

The ApolloCon Art Show is another art show run as part of ApolloCon.

Writer's Workshops

Each year Friends of Fandom runs a writer's workshop for the benefit of genre writers attempting to sell professionally. We are looking for individuals who are serious about improving their writing and taking it the next level. These workshops are generally run as peer critique workshops, but are usually moderated by at least one professions writer.