Houston Fan Organizations

Houston, as a major metropolitan area, has a rich tapestry of fan organizations. The Houston Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Exchange Network exists to share and discuss Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels plus other media (including DVDs, audio and e-books). University students can enjoy the UH Gaming and Recreational Writing League, as Science Fiction, Fantasy and Gaming club. A collection of SF fans, SF authors and NASA folk meet for the Saturday morning breakfast group each week.

Amtgard - Live Action Fantasy Rollplaying re-creating the medieval, ancient, and fantasy genres

Houston Browncoats - Firefly / Serenity Fan Base

Houston Costume Making Meetup Group - Historical, Fantasy, Manga and Sci-Fi Costumes

Several Unlimited - Fan Club dedicated to any and all fandoms in any media.

Space City Time Lords - Houston based fan organization devoted to Dr Who.

Space City Trade Federation - The official Star Wars fan club in Houston.


Fast Warp - Rice Student organization dedicated to Fantasy, Science Fiction and Gaming.

Houston Gamers - People who enjoy social board games.

Literary / General SF

Houston Ritual Breakfast - The right way to start your day.

UH Growl (Gaming & Recreational Writing League) - University of Houston Sci-Fi and Fantasy Club

Houston Fans - Houston Sci-Fi and Fantasy Meetup

Star Trek Clubs

Starship Zavala - Houston's newest Star Fleet group

Klingon Assault Group (IKV logh veng) - Klingon-oriented Star Trek fans.